PR Welcome

This is a PR friendly blog! I welcome all product review and giveaway requests. I'd be honored to team up and have some fun! E-mail me at with any questions & to see what we can work out :o)

All product reviews are done FREE of charge as long as a non-returnable full size product is received for review. The reason I require a non-returnable full size product for review is so that I can give my readers an honest and accurate review of the product. My family will test out all products involved. I do this to share great products with other moms. I also enjoy finding new products worthy of praise. I will not be responsible for shipping fees.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your review to be completed. I will send you an e-mail when the product(s) arrives and again with the link once the review is posted on my blog. Thanks!

A little about my family to see if we are a fit for your products:

We are in the process of becoming more self reliant. We are working on a green house, gardening, dehydrating, food storage, etc.
I love many things!  I work from home so I am always on the look out for new office supplies and organization tools.  I love to read, garden, bake and do crafts.  I am also interested in clothes, jewelry, make-up and hair products.

My husband loves to cook, work on his truck & 4-wheeler and anything to do with camping.

My 7-year old daughter loves girly things- dress up, clothes, jewelry, make up, she likes to color and anything to do with art and Disney.  She also enjoys cooking, reading & crafts.

I have two sons, ages 5 & 3 that enjoy movies and playing outside. My 5-year old is also into computer games and video games. My 3-year old enjoys outdoor toys and loves anything to do with trucks!

If you feel you have a product that would suit our family please contact me :o)

  • 125 x 125 button ( provided by you ) linked to your homepage placed in my sidebar $5/month

  • Feature - a quick post with about, 2 direct links, images, company logo & social media that can be followed $10

  • Product Reviews - There is no fee for this but it does require the actual product ( no sample sizes )

  • Giveaways- No fee if accompanied by a review. Without review there is a $20 fee.
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